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Growth is the hallmark of Gilbert’s 100-year history, earning this uber-sunny destination an array of accolades from “Best Places to Live and Learn” to “Best Place to Find a Job in America.” This vibrant community makes for a full social calendar with inspired restaurants and eclectic shopping in Gilbert’s Heritage District that combines Main Street charm with artisanal influence. From the home-grown farmer’s market under Gilbert’s famous water tower to the hand-crafted creations by local brewers, Gilbert is an opportunity for abundant living. Which is exactly why the spirit of the Bighorn Sheep resides at Espiral. Legend says that when this spirit animal with its strong, spiral horns crosses your path it’s a sign of new beginnings. Espiral offers the chance to breathe new life into your climb—as sure-footed as a Ram. Like the Ram’s status at the helm of the herd, Espiral is an inspiring destination ahead of the rest. 

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